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Care+ Protect Defreezing Spray – Spray 500ml 35602112

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Careplus Protect Defreezing Spray – Spray 500ml – your rapid action de-icer for fridge freezers and more. With a 500ml liquid solution, this spray is designed for all fridge freezer brands. It swiftly melts ice, preventing its formation and ensuring optimal appliance performance. Say goodbye to thick layers of ice hindering your fridge freezer’s efficiency. Plus, it’s versatile – effectively use it on car windscreens too. Model: CSL7001/1. Code: 35602112. Format: 500ml. Keep your appliances running smoothly, save energy, and enjoy the convenience of a frost-free environment, all in one powerful solution.

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Product Specifications
Main Benefits
  • Capacity: 500ml liquid solution
  • Suitable for all fridge freezer brands
  • Melts ice quickly
  • Prevents ice from forming
  • Effective also on car windscreens
How To UseEasy to use – Spray on ice and wait for it to melt. Can also be used on car windscreens.

Careplus Protect Defreezing Spray – Spray 500ml 35602112

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