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Care+ Protect concentrated Fabric Softener/ Perfume 100ml (Clean Wash 35602512)

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Careplus Protect Clean Wash – Sanitising Perfume – 100ml. This 100% Pure Essence Concentrated Laundry Perfume adds a touch of style to your garments while providing hygienizing action. Its potent formula bonds to fabric fibers, ensuring a lasting fragrance for up to 5 weeks. Non-water soluble, the aroma doesn’t wash away and reactivates with moisture, perfect for any fabric, including sportswear. The floral notes, including taif rose and magnolia, blended with white peach and green apple over precious woods, infuse freshness.

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Product Specifications
Main Benefits
  • Long-lasting active formula with hygienising action
  • Suitable for all fabric types and washing programs
  • Perfect for sportswear
  • Long-lasting fragrance after dryer
  • Does not stain
Fragrance NotesFloral notes with a heart of taif rose and magnolia,
hints of white peach and green apple on a background of precious woods
How To UsePour the perfume into the fabric conditioner tray before starting the selected washing program:
– 1 cap (5ml) for delicate fragrance
– 2 caps (10ml) for intense fragrance

Careplus Protect concentrated Fabric Softener/ Perfume 100ml (Clean Wash 35602512)

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