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Care+ Protect universal and Polisher for all surfaces 300gr 35602748

Care +

Introducing the Careplus Protect Magic Cleaner and Polisher, your ultimate solution for pristine surfaces. Unveil the magic of its deep grease and limescale removal, combined with its impeccable polishing power. Eco-friendly and highly effective, it’s your go-to choice for a cleaner world. Suitable for all surfaces – from kitchens to bathrooms, even your beloved accessories – this universal cleaner performs wonders. Embrace the delightful aroma it imparts, this 300g gem transforms cleaning into an art. Achieve brilliance with ease – moisten the sponge, apply, and witness the transformation.

72.45 د.إ

Format300 gr
FeaturesDeeply removes grease and limescale, polishes
Suitable forAll surfaces
FragranceReleases fresh fragrance
EnvironmentalEco Friendly
UsageMoisten sponge, apply, then rinse


Washing machineDishwasher
Use when the dishwasher is empty. Pour the contents of the bottle into the detergent compartment and start a 60 °C (or hotter) wash cycle without prewash.Empty the dishwasher before using. Remove the tab without unscrewing the cap and without breaking the wax seal. Place the bottle upside down in the cutlery basket or wedge it between two rods in the plate rack. Start the dishwasher with a 60°C (or hotter) washing programme.

Careplus Protect universal and Polisher for all surfaces 300gr 35602748

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Care +